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Question of the Week

The SunTrust Richmond Marathon is this Saturday, November 13, 2010.  NBC12's Andrew Freiden has posted the following weather forecast for race day:

  •  7 am - low to mid-40's, mostly sunny
  •  Noon - near 60, partly sunny
  •  3 pm - mid-60's, partly sunny

What is ideal race weather?

Answer:  Ideal running weather -

Question of the Week

Suppose you are going on vacation and want to save on your heating bill.  Which will save more - turning off your heat completely (assuming your pipes won't freeze) or just setting the thermostat to a lower temperature?

In other words, does it cost more to heat the house up from a very cold temperature than it would to keep it at a more moderate temperature while you are gone?

Good-bye, ospreys! See you next year...

If you spend much time on the Virginia coast, the high-pitched call of the osprey is a familiar sound. In fact it’s so familiar that it’s often taken for granted …until it’s gone. I love fall with its cool sunny days and blue, blue skies, but I am always a little sad when the ospreys leave. Around mid- September, the ospreys who summer on the Chesapeake Bay disappear. Where do they go?

A Webworm Horror Story

Last Sunday I decided to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and eat my lunch outside. About halfway through my sandwich, I glanced up to see something fuzzy crawling down my bangs onto my nose – UGH! It was a fall webworm – you know, those nasty hairy caterpillars whose giant webs appear on tree branches every fall? There seems to be a bumper crop this year – caterpillars are crawling on everything: across yards, along sidewalks, up walls, on decks and porches… you get the picture.


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