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Can Dogs Talk To Each Other?

We've all been told that communication is the secret to a good relationship, right? That truth is not just for humans. Animals must maintain close relationships in order for the species to survive as well. While there are millions of species that we still need to learn more about, we have become very good at getting to know other mammals. Dogs are some of our most well known mammalian friends, but what do we know about how they communicate? Can dogs talk to each other?

How Can The Internet Be Faster?

In the past three decades, we've seen technological growth from landline-only access to millions of web-wielding mobile devices. The capability to get access nearly anywhere is not the only major change, we've also significantly enhanced the rate at which we can transfer data. Despite the large growth in connection speeds and data transfers, we still have a long way to go.

What's a Smart Band-Aid?

As our technological progress moves ahead, we see more and more "smart" devices. Phones, cars, and tables have all been made more high tech in the past few years. The same has happened in the medical field, ranging from big complex processes to small household items, like band-aids. What is a smart band-aid?



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