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Could clean energy power a whole state?

As technology and scientific research progresses, we see more and more options on how to better power large groups of people. While countries around the world are all trying to become the first to go 100% green energy, there are still some major steps necessary to make that a reality. Perhaps this new approach to powering the future rests in the hands of states and cities?  Is this even possible though? Could clean energy provide power for an entire state?

Can Bugs Predict Climate Change?

Humans and animals have had quite the relationship. Throughout the years, we've used animals to serve many valuable functions in our lives ranging from food to companionship to research and beyond. However, in an ever changing climate pattern, there could be new uses for animals in our lives. Maybe we can better understand climate change by studying insects. Can bugs predict climate change?

Why is microsleep so scary?

It's almost Halloween again, a great opportunity to get into some scary things in the science world! While ghouls and goblins don't scare most of us, there are some very frightening things that science has been trying to tackle for some time now. Some of them have to do with dangers that lurk billions of miles away while others deal with the scary stuff that happens within our bodies, like microsleep.

Which new material was just invented?

From caves and mammoth skin tents to our asphalt-paved plastic and steel world, our relationships to materials have greatly impacted the way we live. Every now and then a new material is produced that changes the world. Since we build upon the knowledge of the past, there is no doubt that a new material will eventually replace an existing one. So, which new material was just invented?

Can life exist on moons?

In the vastness of space, there are huge galactic clusters, super-sized galaxies, massive black holes, and gigantic planets. Perhaps living on a relatively small planet impacts our take on moons. These natural satellites serve pretty important purposes, but we rarely think of them as important research destinations. Perhaps that will change when we start asking questions like - can life exist on moons?


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