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Cloaked Nano-particles

Everyone’s familiar with the old fable about the wolf in sheep’s clothing.   In this story a wolf dresses up like a sheep and sneaks past the farmer to go straight to his fluffy targets.  Well, a similar story is currently unfolding in the medical field and it could have a huge impact on cancer patients.  

A Sweet Way to Fuel the Future

What’s the future of fuel?  Well, there are many ideas that have been presented ranging from solar to wind to hydropower.  The growing energy needs of our planet will require some creative thinking and likely some ideas that don’t reside in the standard energy toolbox that we are accustom to today.  With that said, a sweet new idea has been brought to the table that involves using sugar to help fuel the world of tomorrow. 

What does a loom have in common with your laptop?

If you’re reading this you must be using some sort of computer. Most of us have an idea about the origins of our modern computer units, but sometimes explaining the lineage of these machines leads only up to the first design. The big question is - how did we get all the way to a computing machine? We could not have gone from fire or the wheel straight to iTunes, right? What’s responsible for the giant leaps and bounds in technology that make our life what it is today? The process of science, that’s how!

Stop Thinking!

Why can’t we stop thinking?

Try to stop thinking for five seconds.

Okay, now you’re just reading this and not-stopping-your-thoughts!!

So why can’t we stop thinking? Well, this is the handiwork of our old friend, evolution.

Why do we sleep?





Ah sleep, so peaceful!

So, why do we sleep?

Well, first of all every animal with a brain sleeps.  A lot of really important things happen while we are off in dreamy dream land. Sleep is when the body gets a chance to repair and process things.  This allows our brain to be refreshed and our cells (throughout the body) to get repaired,  an important part of how wounds heal! 

Wait, Voyager traveled HOW far?!?!?

In 1977 NASA launched Voyager 1  and 2, two probes boldly going where no spacecraft had gone before!  After 35 years of zipping through space these ultimate inanimate explorers still work and are still communicating with us!  The Voyager program has been a vital source of information used by astronomers in understanding more about our own cosmic back yard.


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