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Can Music Impact Your Brain?

From ancient tribes beating on drums to Zayn Malik's upcoming solo project, music has been a vital part of the human experience. The study of music usually refers to mastering a composition or a specific instrument, but recently scientists have been studying the brain for a totally different reason. The question they're asking is - can music impact your brain?

Can Robots Learn?

Artificial intelligence has been appearing in science fiction for a long time. The concept of machines gaining consciousness and acting on their own still seems far-fetched, but there are big strides being made quite often. So, how far are we from robots that can learn? 


Who is Virginia's Brain Expert?

2015 represents the 30th Year that Outstanding Scientists in Virginia have been recognized by the Governor and the Science Museum of Virginia.  During this period, world renowned men and women have changed the world through their research efforts exploring technology, nature, and the vastness of the universe. Some have taken a closer look at the world within us. Who is one of Virginia's brain experts?

Can A Change in Process Help Fight Cancer

Abnormal cellular growth has caused one of the largest medical issues to ever face humanity, cancer. Throughout recorded history there have been documented cases of this disease in literature, stories, paintings, and fossilized in bones. Hundreds of thousands of human lives have brought us to where we are today. Are scientists looking at new ways to treat cancer?


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