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What's The Oldest Living Thing On Land?

We humans live to be about 80 years old. In that time we develop, change, and interact with the world around us. Similarly all living things do their own version of that process. For some species that all takes place in a short lifespan, while others take an enormous amount of time. A remarkable species in California puts longevity into perspective. What is the oldest living thing on land?

Can Jurassic World really happen?

In 1993 Steven Spielberg kicked our fascination with dinosaurs into high gear with the first Jurassic Park movie. Since then we've seen many more films, books, songs, and tv shows involving these extinct beasts. Over twenty years later the new movie further enforces our interest in dinosaurs, but could we ever use advancing scientific technology to really bring them back? Can Jurassic World really happen?

Who was the first maker?

Our built world is a pretty remarkable by-product of humanity. From door wedges to the International Space Station, we've become pretty good at making stuff. More recently the maker culture has exploded into many niche categories around the world, everything from custom-made knives to walls that display vital health stats. Where did all this begin? What was the first thing that got the world of making going? Perhaps more importantly, who was the first maker?

Can we give sight to the blind?

Vision is one of the most useful aspects of life. Over time the ability to see has guided evolution and allowed for many life forms to survive across the planet. Vision based injuries or degeneration can cause serious problems. While centuries of research have allowed us to understand the eye, we are still trying to figure out many ways to fix damaged vision. Recently scientists worked on an old question, can we give sight to the blind?

What is the Power Wall?

With an ever growing population, access to energy becomes a large factor in planning for the future. Many individuals and organizations have tried to bring alternative power methods to the table, but none have caught on just yet. A new option, the Power Wall, was recently introduced to the world and could very well be a game changer in the energy business. It's got a cool name, a slick design, and comes from a very reputable organization, but how does it work?

Can we effectively clean the environment?

We all know that polluting the environment has drastic impacts on everyone and everything including human health. A lot of these changes cause damage that takes generations to address or understand. Our air is one of the most important features of our planet. The stuff that fills so much of our world can get polluted as well. How can we clean up the air to prevent any harm? 


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