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How Long Will You Live?

Humanity has used science to answer a lot of questions about the future. First we figured out the lunar cycles and predicted tides. Soon after we were predicting seasons and growth rates of crops. Then we looked out into the cosmos and learned how to predict the motions of celestial objects near and far. We even have figured out predictions of population growth, technological progress, and beyond. How about something more personal though? Can science predict your longevity?

How Can We Make A Positive Impact On Endangered Species?

There are many animals on this planet that are shrinking in population. When they reach a critical population, these animals are placed on the endangered species list. A lot of times, once the animal is put on that list, they continue to dwindle in size until they are eventually extinct. However, that does not have to be the case all the time. How can we make a positive impact on endangered species?

Can We Predict How People Will Act?

As a species, our survival is often based on making decisions that make the most sense for upcoming events and situations. Our ability to understand the seasons played a huge role in agriculture. Our early understanding of the cosmos was a precursor to a more in-depth understanding of physics. We plan for things on our calendars, book vacations based on the temperature, use certain ingredients to enhance foods, and so on.

Who are Virginia's Outstanding Scientists

Virginia's relationship with science started thousands of years ago and still continues to blossom as new ideas create new opportunities in various industries.  From engineering to agriculture to computer sciences and beyond, we've seen a lot of minds involved with scientific breakthroughs that took place here at home. So, who are Virginia's Outstanding Scientists?

What Happens When We Kiss?

There's an indescribable moment right before two people kiss for the first time.  This romantic gesture has been a part of our lives for a long time and continues to be the corner stone of emotionally charged experiences and has been built into various traditions. In this act of romance, people exchange comfort and intimacy - but that's not all that's exchanged.


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