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Can we alter our DNA?

Whether you’re building a house or baking a cake, you have to start with the raw ingredients.  In nearly every situation, the basic components build and develop into the final product.  For life, the basic components reside within our DNA and dictate nearly every single thing about us, so - can we alter our own DNA? 

Why do we pay attention?

There sure are a lot of distractions in our world.  The more we discover or understand, the more applications that knowledge is given and it fills our world with more and more stuff.  So, in a world of iPhones, cars, people, dogs, music, movies, colors, shapes and constant changes, how do we manage to focus on anything? 


Can we live on another planet?

Somewhere around 4.5 billion years ago a gigantic ball of mass started to take shape and would eventually become where we all live.  So, the notion of a planet that can harbor life is not a strange one - after all, we happen to live on one.  Are there any other places that are similar? Can we live on another planet?


Can We Replace Our Skulls?

Cases for mobile phones are one of the most common purchases made when getting a new phone.  This makes perfect sense because it is very important to protect the phone.  After all, it holds a lot of important information and allows the user to do a myriad of things at a moment's notice.  Well, similarly our brain is very important and nature's well designed case for it, the skull, plays a very important protective role.

Can we use living things to provide energy for our world?

The energy conversation here on Earth is very important because it has applications in nearly every aspect of our lives. Everything from the medical industry to waste management to technology and even entertainment are all subject to greater energy demands.  Plants have created a way of fueling their lives by the things in their surroundings - sunlight, atmosphere, and the soil.  Could we use nature as an inspiration?

Why make a lunar elevator?

Living on the top floor of a building gives one the opportunity to truly appreciate the modern wonders of science, specifically the elevator.  This transportation lift makes it a lot easier to reach higher and taller destinations.  Scientists have recently been considering putting the same thinking towards our closest celestial neighbor. So, why should we make a lunar elevator? 


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