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Should We Rake Leaves?

As autumn makes its presence known to us, we start to see a lot of leaves falling to the ground.  This is a beautiful indicator of seasonal change and these leaves often get swept aside in order to clean up the landscape.  Recently lawn maintenance was viewed through the lens of science and the big question had to be asked, should we rake leaves?

Can Diet Impact Aging?

From the days of domesticating agriculture our diet has played a huge role in who we are as a species.  As technology advanced we were able to do more with food and learn more about what food does to us.  Now scientists are asking bold new questions and getting some pretty amazing answers. For example, can diet impact aging?


Can we really use The Force?

We're all familiar with the world of science fiction, home to the mythical element that binds the universe and can be controlled with one's mind, the Force.  Scientists are working on some pretty remarkable things these days, but can technology ever help us physically control things with our minds? Can we really use the Force?

Can Venom Be Helpful?

Sometimes there are some unusual paths that lead scientists to unexpected discoveries.  Inspirations for bold innovative advances come from interesting places, but medical advances sometimes come from the strangest places.  With that said, can venom be helpful to our health?


Science Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is an awesome time of year to show off your creativity and crafty costume making skills right? Well, the world of science is no exception to that. While pirates, zombies and scary monsters are commonly found walking around on Oct 31st, there is plenty of room for other awesome costumes too. For your consideration we've pulled together five fun science related costumes this year.


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