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Can we have internet everywhere?

In the 1990's, the computer market in America started to bloom.  This was the era of dial up modems which connected machines to the internet via telephone cables.  Soon after, we started to see things go to wireless, and the internet became more accessible in various parts of the house or office building.  Then we entered the world of mobile devices with internet access - now you can log on from the grocery store  or driving range.

Can we control memory?

Our memories are arguably the most important things we have. Nearly every moment of our lives is predicated upon the past and our learned experiences, for better or for worse. For some, the aging process becomes a battle to retain memories. This issue has scientists asking an interesting question: How can we bring back lost memories? 

Can we alter our DNA?

Whether you’re building a house or baking a cake, you have to start with the raw ingredients.  In nearly every situation, the basic components build and develop into the final product.  For life, the basic components reside within our DNA and dictate nearly every single thing about us, so - can we alter our own DNA? 


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