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Can we use living things to provide energy for our world?

The energy conversation here on Earth is very important because it has applications in nearly every aspect of our lives. Everything from the medical industry to waste management to technology and even entertainment are all subject to greater energy demands.  Plants have created a way of fueling their lives by the things in their surroundings - sunlight, atmosphere, and the soil.  Could we use nature as an inspiration?

Why make a lunar elevator?

Living on the top floor of a building gives one the opportunity to truly appreciate the modern wonders of science, specifically the elevator.  This transportation lift makes it a lot easier to reach higher and taller destinations.  Scientists have recently been considering putting the same thinking towards our closest celestial neighbor. So, why should we make a lunar elevator? 

Can we increase longevity?

Humanity has been fascinated by the concept of longevity.  In the past 200,000 years of residence on this planet we've implemented a lot of technological changes that impact nearly every aspect of our lives.  Our ability to eat food comfortably, stay warm in cold weather, and even transplant vital organs help improve our standards of living for comfort and health.  So, can we increase our longevity?


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