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Can we increase longevity?

Humanity has been fascinated by the concept of longevity.  In the past 200,000 years of residence on this planet we've implemented a lot of technological changes that impact nearly every aspect of our lives.  Our ability to eat food comfortably, stay warm in cold weather, and even transplant vital organs help improve our standards of living for comfort and health.  So, can we increase our longevity?

Can we control aging?

Every event in the universe that we have been able to observe is deeply entangled with time.  Time's forward impact has an influence on everything from the forming of distant galaxies to the wear and tear within our cells.  The impact time has on us is called aging.  This is a constant and forward moving process, but does it have to be?  Can we control our aging? 

What did technology do for Comet ISON?

For a long time humanity has relied on technology to help us understand more about the natural world.  For example, we can look up at the moon all we want, but without technology we would never see the detailed ridges on its surface or know what its dust is like.  Observations and collecting data are just two of the many ways that technology can play a role in celestial happenings.  So, how did technology play a role in the recent episode with Comet ISON?


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