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What did technology do for Comet ISON?

For a long time humanity has relied on technology to help us understand more about the natural world.  For example, we can look up at the moon all we want, but without technology we would never see the detailed ridges on its surface or know what its dust is like.  Observations and collecting data are just two of the many ways that technology can play a role in celestial happenings.  So, how did technology play a role in the recent episode with Comet ISON?

2013 Science Recap

Our collective knowledge is constantly evolving – from new discoveries on distant planets to inventions for the smallest cells in our bodies. Here at the Science Museum of Virginia, we have been busy questioning our world and keeping you up-to-date with the most current science stories throughout the year! 

Water on Mars

After years of looking at extremely distant landscapes via photos and taking many guesses as to why Mars has the landscape it does, we finally have a little bit of the answer. Turns out that the Curiosity rover has scooped up some soil and identified water! So, what does water on Mars mean for the future? 


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