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What would have to happen for energy not to be a bigger and bigger focal point in our lives? The world’s population continues to grow, now projected to hit 9 billion by 2050. (It sometimes seems like the bulk of this commutes in from Short Pump on many weekdays.) The standard of living expectations for more and more of us continue to go higher. If residents of developing nations have access to "CSI: Fort Wayne, Indiana" showing improved living conditions around the world, why shouldn’t they also aspire to this quality of life?

Come-To Place for Science

When I first arrived at the Science Museum in January 2008 as just the 3rd director in nearly 40 years, I heard a lot of staff and Board members tell me they wanted SMV to become the “Go-To” place for science. When pressed into specifics, this usually came down to a student or any individual that had a question related to science contacting the Science Museum via phone or internet and getting their question answered. This sounds innocuous enough, however, on further inspection, you might see how challenging this type of exercise might be.

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