Boost! Your Body

Exercise doesn’t have to be about hitting the gym, but taking simple steps to improving your body – which will make you feel better and boost your brain too!

Test your strength, agility and balance through a series of activities that will keep you on your toes! Put your feet to work as you balance on a suspended tight wire or hop on our pedal-powered time machine.  Challenge your friends in a contest of reflexes – do you have a better reaction time?  

Find out how small you can get as you bend, fold and contort yourself to become as compact as possible. Limber up as you learn the basics of one of the world’s oldest exercises with a virtual yoga instructor! 

Bench Press


Test your strength on a vertical bench press. Compare your stats here.

Vertical Leap


Jump as high as you can from a standing position. Compare your stats here.

Balancing Act


Test your balance on a suspended tight wire. Compare your stats here.

Reaction Time


Test your reflexes and reaction times by measuring how fast you can react to a visual stimulus. Compare your stats here.

Yoga Strength


Learn the basics of one of the world’s oldest exercises by trying out a variety of yoga poses with a virtual guide. Compare your stats here.

Shrink to Fit


Bend, fold or contort yourself to become as compact as possible.

Time Machine


Unlock the power of time in pedaling to reach your personal destination or weight loss goal.

Food For Thought


Uncover the truth and myths about what we eat in an interactive trivia game.

Kitchen Stadium


Step into our kitchen and help us create something delicious and nutritious.

Recipe Remix


Build your own recipe to try at home. Explore substitute ingredients to improve calorie count, taste, and health benefits.