Boost! Your Mind

Understanding how your brain operates can lead you to maximizing its potential—whether it’s improving the way you interact with people or maybe even age-proofing yourself. 

Enhance your memory and focus with interactive games that increase in difficulty as you progress. Replicate a series of patterns and find matches within a set time limit – no pressure!

Get innovative as you tackle a conveyor belt challenge or discover what makes you happy and share it with us. Check out our biofeedback and discover the techniques to altering your pulse rate or body temperature! 

Total Recall


A timed matching game that challenges short-term memory can improve your focused attention. See how fast you can recall what you just saw. Compare your stats here.

Pattern Play


Test your memory by challenging your ability to replicate visual spatial patterns. Compare your stats here.

Endless Buffet


Apply creativity and teamwork to tackle a conveyor belt challenge.

Control Yourself


Learn to use biofeedback to alter your pulse rate and skin temperature by controlled breathing. Compare your stats here.

Where Are You Looking?


Is looking the same as seeing? Track your eye movement – the results may surprise you!

Sleep Theater


A good night’s sleep requires multiple stages.  Hopefully, this won’t put you to sleep!

Sleep Report


Tell us how many hours you slept last night.

Happiness is...


By process of elimination, select the thing that makes you the happiest.  Rainbows or chocolate? You decide! Compare your stats here.



Report your level of happiness on a scale of 1-10. Compare your stats here.