Dome Library

Groups of 35 can arrange a special show of any of the movies in our current Dome theater library.

Relive the golden age of space exploration and uncover the results of past missions to the Moon.

Watch the winter sky come to life before your eyes.

Migrate with hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies across North America!

Learn how natural disasters occur and what scientists and engineers are doing to predict and prepare for events and to minimize damage in the future.

Experience an exhilarating raft ride down the Colorado River with a team of explorers including renowned river advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and anthropologist Wade Davis.

Dive into the realm of Earth’s most iconic predator – the creature we love to fear – the Great White Shark.

Embark on an amazing adventure into the hidden world of nature’s most awe-inspiring marine mammal, the humpback whale.

Throughout time, stars have been a source of history and imagination, inspiring civilizations across the globe to construct elaborate monuments to study the sky.

It was the dawn of a nation - a time before the American West became known as the frontier, and little was known about what lay within.

Embark on a spectacular tour of space as you take a custom all-live adventure through the universe! Interested in learning about the latest space di

See the world’s most lovable animal as never before! Meet the pandas at China’s Wolong Panda Center and learn more about the team dedicated to securing the future population of pandas.

Experience the wonders of our planetary neighborhood through the eyes of robots.

Transport 82 million years back in time! Unlock the secrets of the Cretaceous period and discover a prehistoric world predominately submerged beneath a sea of strange creatures.

Every star has a story. Their unique tales are told over millions and millions of years and continue long after their death.

Unravel the secrets of the Sun!