Grab lunch and join us for Lunch Break Science!

Wednesdays, Noon-1 pm • FREE!

Presenters share easy to understand information on a wide range of fascinating science topics. Discussions follow presentations. Lunch Break Science is recommended for adults.

Pre-registration not required.

April 29


June 24


The Exotic World of Quarks presented by Dr. Raul Briceno, theoretical physicist at Jefferson Lab. 


Air Quality and You presented by Brigitte Tanner Carter, Account Executive at RideFinders and Dan Salkovitz, Meteorologist for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. 

May 6


July 15


Flora of Virginia – Illustrations and Botanical Watercolor Paintings presented by Lara Call Gastinger, artist and botanical illustrator. 


The Science of Cycling presented by Craig Dodson, Founder and Executive Director of Richmond Cycling Corps.

May 13


July 29


ABC’s From the James River, with Love presented by Betty Ellett, author and Wayne Dementi, photographer.


The Value of Conservation: Matching Conservation, Wildlife Habitat and Financial Goals through Land, Water and Air Assets presented by Tee Clarkson, Director of Atoka Conservation Exchange.

May 27


August 19


The Rise of Bicycle Boulevards and Protected Bike Lanes in Richmond, Virginia presented by Max Hepp-Buchanan, Director of Bike Walk RVA Sports Backers.


From Start to Finish presented by Janine Lester, Consulting Arborist,  Board Certified Master and Municipal Specialist. 

June 3


August 26


The James River: Our River at Risk presented by Adrienne Kotula, policy specialist at the James River Association.


The Missions of John W. Young presented by Ted Bethune, Aerospace Program Specialist at Space Science. 




September 16




Foodborne Diseases and Food Safety in Virginia presented by Jessica Rosner, MPH, Foodborne Disease Epidemiologist at the Virginia Department of Health.