Grab lunch and join us for Lunch Break Science!

Wednesdays, Noon-1 pm • FREE!

Presenters share easy to understand information on a wide range of fascinating science topics. Discussions follow presentations. Lunch Break Science is recommended for adults.

Pre-registration not required.

July 15


September 9


The Science of Cycling presented by Craig Dodson, Founder and Executive Director of Richmond Cycling Corps.


History of Bicycling and Richmond presented by author Thomas Houff.

July 22


September 16


Vertical Farming, the Future of Urban Food presented by Duron Chavis, Director of the Virginia State University Indoor Urban Farm and co-director of Renew Richmond.


Foodborne Diseases and Food Safety in Virginia presented by Jessica Rosner, MPH, Foodborne Disease Epidemiologist at the Virginia Department of Health. 

July 29


October 7


The Value of Conservation: Matching Conservation, Wildlife Habitat and Financial Goals through Land, Water and Air Assets presented by Tee Clarkson, Director of Atoka Conservation Exchange.


Breathe Well, Live Well – Dealing with Allergies and Asthma presented by Rose O’Toole, CommonHealth Educator for the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

August 19


October 14


Trees, From Start to Finish presented by Janine Lester, Consulting Arborist,  Board Certified Master and Municipal Specialist. 


Oil and Gas Drilling 101 presented by Michael D. Ward, Executive Director of the Virginia Petroleum Council. 

August 26


December 9


The Missions of John W. Young presented by Ted Bethune, Aerospace Program Specialist at Space Science. 


Reading Rover – Canine Body Language and Communication presented by Sarah Babcock, CPDT-KSA, Chief of Education and Training at the Richmond SPCA. 

September 2




Space Station: A Symbol of Cooperation and Orion, NASA’s New Deep Space Explorer presented by Alan Sturgis, Aerospace Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center.