Grab lunch and join us for Lunch Break Science!

Wednesdays, Noon-1 pm • FREE!

Presenters share easy to understand information on a wide range of fascinating science topics. Discussions follow presentations. Lunch Break Science is recommended for adults.

Pre-registration not required.

October 29


December 10

Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt? presented by Kelly Walker, Chef and Owner, Chocolates by Kelly.
Managing a Crowded Ocean: The Nature Conservancy’s Work in the Mid-Atlantic Seascape presented by Michael Lipford, State Director, Virginia chapter, The Nature Conservancy.

November 5


December 17

The Elephant is Like a Rope:  Thoughts on Science and Religion presented by Dr. George Spagna, Physics Department, Director, Keeble Observatory, Randolph-Macon College.
Science and Music presented by Goldrush, featuring Prabir Mehta, Treesa Gold and Matt Gold.

November 12


January 21

Donating Your Body to Science, What Does That Actually Mean? presented by Richard Sikon, Operational Director, Virginia State Anatomical Program, Virginia Department of Health.
The Digital daVinci: The History of Medical Art presented by Scott T. Barrows, MA, FAMI, Vice-President, Marketing & Public Relations, Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. 

November 19


January 28

Overview of the Ebola Epidemic: Insights from the Field in Sierra Leone and Key Features of the Ebola Response in the US by Dr. Brigette Gleason, Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer, Virginia Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Your Health is Your Wealth:  How Energy, Wellness and Health Technologies Create a Wellness Home for Daily Living presented by Barbara Satterwhite, RN; Sandra Thornton, Ph.D.; and Demetria Johnson, MBA of Nikken Inc. 

February 25

Earth, Wind and Fire: See Geology's R & B Band Perform in Hawaii and Iceland presented by Dr. Michael Fenster, Watts Professor of Science - Geology, Director of Environmental Studies Program, Randolph-Macon College.