Grab lunch and join us for Lunch Break Science!

Wednesdays, Noon-1 pm • FREE!

Presenters share easy to understand information on a wide range of fascinating science topics. Pre-registration not required.

Lunch Break Science is presented by Bon Secours Richmond Health System.

October 7


December 2


Breathe Well, Live Well – Dealing with Allergies and Asthma presented by Rose O’Toole, CommonHealth Educator for the Commonwealth of Virginia. 


On the Road Again with Bill Lohmann and Bob Brown presented by Bob Brown, senior photographer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Bill Lohmann, columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. 

October 14


December 9


Oil and Gas Drilling 101 presented by Michael D. Ward, Executive Director of the Virginia Petroleum Council. 


Reading Rover – Canine Body Language and Communication presented by Sarah Babcock, CPDT-KSA, Chief of Education and Training at the Richmond SPCA. 

October 21


December 16


The Genesis of Climate Change Activism: Building Political and Consumer Activitism in the U.S. presented by Connie Roser-Renouf, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor at the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University. 


Uh-Oh Shenandoah: Water Quality, Fisheries Management and Future Challenges for the River presented by Paul Bugas, Manager of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s Region 4 Aquatics. 

October 28


January 6


Large-Scale Oyster Restoration and Land Conservation in the Chesapeake Bay presented by Andy Lacatell, Conservation Specialist at The Nature Conservancy. 


The Science Museum of Virginia: What’s Next? presented by Richard Conti, Chief Wonder Officer at the Science Museum of Virginia. 

November 11


January 27


Marco Polo’s Adventures presented by Kimberly Jones-Clark and the Carpenter Science Theatre Company. 



SR-71 Blackbird: Fighting the Cold War from 85,000 Feet presented by Colonel Joe Kinego, United States Air Force Retired.