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Reynolds Aluminaut

Step inside a record-breaking aluminum submarine that has voyaged across the world to the depths of the ocean. Created by Reynold’s Metals Company in 1964, The Aluminaut is the world’s first aluminum-created submarine. It set a record for the deepest dive by a submarine and travelled the globe to aid scientific research and emergency salvage missions.

Tree Box Filters

Tree box filters consist of a container filled with a soil mixture, a mulch layer, an under-drain system and a shrub or tree. Tree box filters collect rainwater runoff which is filtered by the vegetation and soil before going into the catch basin underneath. Water that is collected in tree boxes helps irrigate the tree.

Tree boxes at the Science Museum

Tree box filters can be a very effective means of controlling runoff, especially when distributed around a site. Tree boxes will be installed in the parking lot around the entrance to the museum.

Watt Wall

Track the world’s energy consumption in real-time. Learn about alternative energy sources and new developments in energy that will fuel our future.