Experimental Musings
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Experimental Musings

​We are more than a museum. We’re a bunch of passionate, inquisitive, world-questioning folks who are awestruck at the amazing wonder that is our world. Join us as we muse about science, technology, engineering and math. Learn something new. Ponder a different theory. Pick up some facts for trivia night. And if we may be so bold – enrich your appreciation of science.

  • Question Your World: Does dog ownership affect our health? 

    Everyone who has a dog loves to talk about how great it is. Despite chewed up shoes, messes on the carpet, and the seemingly never-ending costs of treats and accessories, dog owners love their furry best friends, but does that love mean anything for our health?

  • Question Your World: Why do bats argue so much?

    Communication is so important! Consider for a moment how valuable it is that we have the ability to communicate with one another. Other animals communicate, too, but we still know very little about what their chatter translates to. A recent study tried to solve a piece of this big puzzle by studying the chatter of bats and they found something pretty remarkable. Why do bats argue so much?

  • Question Your World: How will Virginia approach climate change? 

    Recently, marches and rallies took place around the globe to implore world leaders to act on climate change. This is a global issue that absolutely has local impacts. So let's look at what role we here in Virginia will play moving forward. How will Virginia approach climate change?

  • Question Your World: How does the brain keep memories?

    We know more about the surface of the moon than Earth’s oceans and we know even less about the human brain, but a recently published study from Cal Tech is helping us put together a few pieces of the huge puzzle that is the brain. How does the brain keep memories?

  • Question Your World: Why was Hurricane Dorian so historic? 

    Hurricane Dorian just made its way through the Atlantic, causing much havoc and harm along the way. This storm broke some big records as it moved along its path, and now we can look back and study the storm's impacts. Why was Hurricane Dorian so historic?