Experimental Musings
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Experimental Musings

​We are more than a museum. We’re a bunch of passionate, inquisitive, world-questioning folks who are awestruck at the amazing wonder that is our world. Join us as we muse about science, technology, engineering and math. Learn something new. Ponder a different theory. Pick up some facts for trivia night. And if we may be so bold – enrich your appreciation of science.

  • Question Your World: What is pollution inequity? 

    We certainly share one sky, but there are people and places that habitually get more exposure to pollution than others. A new study on this exact issue poses a great question for us to ask today: What is pollution inequity?

  • Question Your World: Have you seen the black panther?

    For the last few months, Marvel’s Black Panther has been getting a lot of Oscar buzz. Meanwhile in Kenya, a real life black panther has been making some big news headlines as well. How interesting that a real life black panther is making news in the land that inspired the story of Wakanda! What a timely opportunity to ask today’s big question: Have you seen the black panther?

  • Question Your World: Why is the Opportunity rover so important to science? 

    As they say, all good things must come to an end. Well, there’s no better example for astronomers than NASA’s declaration that the Opportunity rover mission has come to a close. While the world mourns the loss of a long lasting robot explorer, we’re also beyond appreciative of the massive amounts of knowledge gained by this mission. Why is the Opportunity rover so important to science? 

  • Question Your World: Are our winters getting warmer? 

    As millions of Americans finally warm up after last week’s polar vortex event, air temperature is on a lot of people’s minds, especially climate scientists. The chilly polar air made some headlines for sure, but the infrequency of cold snaps has scientists asking a pretty big question, are our winters getting warmer? 

  • Question Your World: How is AI discovering extinct human relatives?

    Over centuries, thanks to advances in science and technology, we have been piecing together the story of our own human evolution. The twists and turns in the story of our origins have made headlines for quite a while now, but when brand new technology is involved, the discoveries become even more remarkable! How is AI discovering extinct human relatives?