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Experimental Musings

​We are more than a museum. We’re a bunch of passionate, inquisitive, world-questioning folks who are awestruck at the amazing wonder that is our world. Join us as we muse about science, technology, engineering and math. Learn something new. Ponder a different theory. Pick up some facts for trivia night. And if we may be so bold – enrich your appreciation of science.

  • Question Your World: Is climate change impacting dating?

    Ah yes, Valentine’s Day is approaching. That means we get a chance to look at modern romance through the lens of science! Since Valentine’s day is often considered a hot and steamy holiday, we figured we’d dig into the hottest overlap in science these days: dating and climate change. No really, is climate change impacting dating?

  • Question Your World: Can sharks walk?

    Every year smart and dedicated people from around the world learn about more beings that share this planet with us. Sometimes they find bugs, other times they find birds, and sometimes they find sharks! A group of new discoveries has now added four more species to our database of sharks. These four species not only swim, they can also walk. This, of course, begs today’s big question: Can sharks walk?

  • New Museum-led study links extreme heat and historical housing policy

    Dr. Jeremy Hoffman, Museum scientist here. You’ve probably heard me talk about how cities can either amplify or dampen extreme heat due to their design, referred to as the “urban heat island effect.” What you haven’t heard me talk about (yet) is new research that builds on previous urban heat island findings to link hotter surface temperatures with the New Deal-era neighborhood ranking system called “redlining.”

  • Question Your World: What do we know about the coronavirus? 

    The global medical science network has been making a lot of noise about the newly discovered strain of the coronavirus. How will this impact us? What do we know about the coronavirus?

  • Question Your World: What is the oldest thing ever found on Earth?

    We can find a lot of old stuff here on Earth. Remarkably, scientists have found something on Earth that is much older than our planet or solar system. What is the oldest thing ever found on Earth?

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