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Experimental Musings

​We are more than a museum. We’re a bunch of passionate, inquisitive, world-questioning folks who are awestruck at the amazing wonder that is our world. Join us as we muse about science, technology, engineering and math. Learn something new. Ponder a different theory. Pick up some facts for trivia night. And if we may be so bold – enrich your appreciation of science.

  • Question Your World: How Can We See the Bottom of the Ocean?

      Election debates, the Olympics, lunar landings, and many other historic cultural events have been shared around the world thanks to live broadcasts. Broadcast technology has developed quite a bit in the last three decades and now includes live streams happening all the time from all around the world. Well, some scientists have recently started another live broadcast and this one is totally mind blowing. It started with a simple question like, how can we see the bottom of the ocean? In a recent study it was approximated that there are about 1 trillion species living on planet Earth. Even mor...

  • Question Your World: Can Your Skull Act Like a Fingerprint?

    Move over fingerprints, it’s time to move the security industry ahead, literally a head, by using our skulls!

  • Snakes!!

    Ssssssssome people are scared of snakes, but why?

  • Question Your World: Can the ocean power our houses?

    While our global population continues to grow, the science community is constantly looking for new ways to meet the energy needs of our booming species. Electric cars, solar plants, nuclear, coal, biomass, and various other options are all important aspects of energy dialogue happening across the globe. We've used the sun, wind, and fossil fuels, but how about the ocean? Can the ocean power our houses?

  • Question Your World: How are contact lenses changing?

    Basically everything we wear is a piece of technology, from shoes to contact lenses. So with recent technological advances, how are contact lenses changing?

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