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  • Question Your World: Can sharks walk?

    Every year smart and dedicated people from around the world learn about more beings that share this planet with us. Sometimes they find bugs, other times they find birds, and sometimes they find sharks! A group of new discoveries has now added four more species to our database of sharks. These four species not only swim, they can also walk. This, of course, begs today’s big question: Can sharks walk?

  • Question Your World: Which new relative of ours was discovered?

    Thanksgiving time is here! When we are given a chance to sit around the table together with loved ones and for better or worse, we get a chance to learn more about our own family. Which new relative of ours was discovered?

  • Question Your World: Why were rats taught to drive? 

    Scientists at the University of Richmond have been teaching rats how to drive and, unlike what happens to human drivers during rush hour, the rats’ stress level has gone down! That’s right, teaching rats…to drive…to lower stress. Say what? Why were rats taught to drive?

  • Question Your World: Should we rake leaves?

    As autumn makes its presence known, we start to see a lot of leaves falling to the ground. Recently lawn maintenance was viewed through the lens of science and the big question had to be asked, should we rake leaves?

  • Question Your World: Does dog ownership affect our health? 

    Everyone who has a dog loves to talk about how great it is. Despite chewed up shoes, messes on the carpet, and the seemingly never-ending costs of treats and accessories, dog owners love their furry best friends, but does that love mean anything for our health?

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