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  • Volcanoes of our solar system

    Earth is still cooling after its fiery formation, and volcanoes are one way the Earth loses heat. Other planets have volcanic features -- some recently active -- telling geologists that they, too, could be hot and losing heat. Where else in the solar system can you find volcanoes?

  • Question Your World: Is there life out there?

    Are we alone in the universe? A pretty huge age-old question that science has been piecing together bit by bit over the years. Smart men and women are working toward this answer every single day using a myriad of approaches. Does this mean we're getting closer to answering - is there life out there?

  • Question Your World: Who's studying the moon now? 

    Big milestones in science are to be celebrated. While the moon captivated everyone's attention recently, a pretty big mission was launched to further understand the moon. Who's studying the moon now?

  • Question Your World: Should we make time for time?

    Got a sec? Let’s talk about time, one of the fundamental constructs of the universe and a rather intriguing topic for us humans. We tend to put a lot of time…umm…into time, and that’s why it’s no surprise that recently we saw two different headlines about time which highlight the contrasting ways we humans approach this topic. Should we make time for time?

  • Question Your World: Why is this black hole picture so important?

    Every now and then, there is a science event that makes the entire planet pause for a second and appreciate the results of knowledge, cooperation, and innovative thinking. That sort of thing just happened as the world got a look at the first ever image of a Black Hole! Why is this black hole picture so important?