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  • The Emerging Neuroscience Working to Prevent Suicide

    September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and while it’s a hard topic to discuss, over half of all adults have been personally touched by suicide. Find out how neuroscience is helping saves lives.

  • The Science Behind Peanut Allergies

    While 94 percent of all US households have a jar of peanut butter in the pantry, there are those whose lives depend on not having a single peanut in the house. To celebrate National Peanut Day, we're looking at the science behind peanut allergies.

  • Question Your World: What do symptoms look like on different skin tones?

    A majority of images used in medical literature and textbooks showcase illnesses on lighter skin tones. A 20-year-old med student in London is changing that by creating resources showing what symptoms look like on darker skin.

  • Question Your World: Does yoga actually reduce stress?

    Managing stress is a crucial part of how we will all get through this pandemic. Perhaps you've heard that yoga is great, but does it really reduce stress or is it just a hippie urban legend?

  • Question Your World: Which masks work the best?

    In order to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are asking new questions. One very important question is, "which masks work the best to limit airborne transmission of the virus?" In this post we dig into mask efficacy.

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