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  • Question Your World: Is the little drummer boy's brain different? 

    This time of year, classic holiday songs are heard blasting out of speakers all over the nation. One of those timeless classics is "The Little Drummer Boy", classic or Bowie version, both can be frequently heard this time of year. We thought to take this opportunity to chat about this classic holiday song and some breaking science news. Is The Little Drummer Boy's brain different?

  • Question Your World: How can time-restricted eating impact health?

    Since our wellbeing is a timeless topic, there are always new experiments on the variables that factor into our overall health. Recently scientists took a look at something that may have a profound impact on us, time. How can time-restricted eating impact health?

  • Question Your World: Which new relative of ours was discovered?

    Thanksgiving time is here! When we are given a chance to sit around the table together with loved ones and for better or worse, we get a chance to learn more about our own family. Which new relative of ours was discovered?

  • Question Your World: Where exactly did we come from?

    They say “home is where the heart is,” or “you can never go home,” or “ET Phone home.” There are so many commonly used home-related phrases out there. Clearly we care a lot about what is home to us. Researchers just announced that they have identified the region from which all of our modern human ancestors arose. Where exactly did we come from?

  • Question Your World: What causes left-handedness?

    90% of the world is right-handed. History and culture have not been kind to left-handers, a somewhat rare occurrence among us humans. So, after all these years, if the right hand is preferred, why do we still have a bunch of lefties out there? What causes left-handedness?