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  • Question Your World: Why are hurricanes slowing down?

    Climate scientists around the world actively prepare for this time of year - hurricane season! While hurricanes are dangerous and can cause lots of damage, studying them allows us to better prepare for the future. There are some big changes happening to our hurricanes - they’re slowing down. This raises a lot of questions, so let’s dig into the big topic. Why are hurricanes slowing down?

  • Question Your World: Is Virginia getting muggier?

    With summertime rapidly approaching, Virginians are bracing for those days of the year that kind of feel like we’re living inside of someone’s mouth, hot, sticky, and socially uncomfortable.

  • Question Your World: How can we make crops more resilient?

    As our environmental conditions change, so must the way we approach certain aspects of life. Agriculture and its annual yield have a lot to do with the weather. As the climate changes, these impacts can be felt by everyone in the region from the farmers themselves to what we're seeing on grocery store shelves. How can we make crops more resilient?'

  • Question Your World: Is the Richmond rainy season changing?

    As spring makes way to summer, there are a few things we can usually look forward to. Spring cleaning, pollen, and lots of rain! Spring cleaning is what it is and downsizing is a mentally healthy thing after a long winter spent mostly indoors. Pollen - we just happened to have done a piece on pollen recently, so check that out to learn more on our regional pollen intensity. That leaves… rain! Let's dig into rain and ask today''s big question: Is the Richmond rainy season changing?'

  • Question Your World: Is Pollen Season Happening Earlier?

    Seasonal change is a big deal for life on Earth. Take us humans, for example. As we go from winter to spring, we bid adieu to flu season and, in turn, say hello to allergy season! Turns out that allergy seasons are getting worse here in Richmond, VA. No surprise – it involves our changing local climate. So, is pollen season happening earlier?

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