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  • Question Your World: What does the new federal climate report say?

    While some of us were out burning off those Thanksgiving calories on Black Friday, a team of more than 300 federal and non-federal science experts released a volunteer-coordinated, government-mandated assessment of the impacts of climate change on the United States. The burning question on climate-concerned minds has been: What does the new federal climate report say?

  • Question Your World: Who's a leader in Virginia solar?

    You might never guess who or what is an emerging leader in the renewable energy transition in our lovely state. Who’s a leader in Virginia’s solar installations?

  • Question Your World: Are summers getting hotter?

    The dog days of summer are here, folks, and you know what that means: those sultry, hot, sticky days that make you feel like you’re inside someone’s mouth. From now ‘til about October, we’ll run into people who mention the heat. We get it, it’s hot! Does it feel like it’s happening now more than ever? Are summers getting hotter?

  • Question Your World: Is Richmond Getting Warmer?

    As the global climate changes, scientists are becoming more and more interested in how this will impact our day-to-day lives. We've heard about the distant polar bears and ice sheets, but what about right here at home? Climate scientists just completed a pretty big study that involved Richmond, VA. Is Richmond getting warmer? '

  • Question Your World: How Many Mega Cities Are on Earth Now?

    We now have seven and a half billion people on Earth and counting! A little over half of those folks live in urban areas, some of them in mega cities. As the number of people grows across the globe, so will the number of mega cities. Let's explore this topic by asking today''s big question: How many mega cities are on Earth now? '