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  • Is chocolate healthy?

    Chocolate is a healthful food, right? Maybe that’s what you’ve heard because there are hundreds of legitimate research studies that link chocolate and cocoa to positive health outcomes. But is there any truth to that?

  • The Science Behind Peanut Allergies

    While 94 percent of all US households have a jar of peanut butter in the pantry, there are those whose lives depend on not having a single peanut in the house. To celebrate National Peanut Day, we're looking at the science behind peanut allergies.

  • Question Your World: Why does stress eating feel good?

    As the global pandemic continues to impact our lives, there are ample opportunities be overwhelmed and stressed. Sometimes people turn to food for comfort. Why does stress eating feel good?

  • Salsa Science

    Just because you can’t come sample yummy items in the Boost! kitchen right now, it shouldn’t stop you from trying recipes at home. An at-home science lesson that has an edible result is a win, win! Let's make some salsa.

  • Question Your World: How much food do we waste? 

    Recently scientists were doing a study on discarded edible items and ended up with some pretty interesting food for thought. How much food do we waste?

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