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  • Question Your World: Is humanity using too much light?

    Earth from space is a beautiful sight. We can not only see pretty patterns created by our lights on the dark side of the planet, but over time we've also seen the amount of these lights on Earth grow. As of now, more people means more lights. A great opportunity to dig into today's big question: Is humanity using too much light?

  • Question Your World: How do cities handle heat?

    The growth of urban spaces compounded with the changing climate is causing some scientists to take a look at how our urban areas interact with heat. Today’s big question explores urban heat islands by asking - how do cities handle heat?

  • Question Your World: Did ancient humans have modern dental issues?

    Behind the lips of each and every one of us is a beautiful smile, right? Our teeth have been very valuable to us as a species. Scientists studying ancient human fossils started to notice some interesting things about our teeth through the ages. The big question is - did ancient humans have modern dental issues?

  • What does the “URBAN HEAT ISLAND EFFECT” mean to Richmond?

    Last summer, the Science Museum of Virginia received a grant to work on a unique project to measure the city’s temperature in various places all at once during a heat wave. Our goal was to identify the strength of Richmond’s “urban heat island effect.”

  • Question Your World: What could cities of the future look like?

    Every now and then, it’s nice to look at the world around us and imagine what it could be like in the future! The intersection of science, technology, and urban planning is responsible for many things we take for granted, like highways, power grids, sanitation services and beyond. As our population grows, so will our needs. This is why scientists are spending a lot of time asking today's big question: What could cities of the future look like?