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  • Question Your World: How can we reduce stress during this pandemic? 

    Hi, how’s everyone doing out there? Sometimes it feels like there’s a giant ball of anxiety looming over the entire planet. But keep in mind our mental health is also a very important factor in how we deal with the current global pandemic. How can we reduce stress during this pandemic?

  • Question Your World: Does social distancing really work?

    Due to the spread of COVID-19, we've been hearing a lot about some familiar things like washing your hands, covering your coughs, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, but there’s also a term being used that many are not familiar with - social distancing – or maintaining physical distance from other humans and avoiding large gatherings of people overall. Does social distancing really work?

  • Question Your World: How do we fight the coronavirus? 

    Every now and then, a news story will be so big that the entire world pays attention. We're, of course, talking about COVID-19, aka the novel coronavirus you’ve been hearing so much about. The big question on everyone's mind is - how do we fight the coronavirus?

  • Question Your World: How does the Keto diet work? 

    Trendy diets come and go a lot, so we figured we would take a moment to look at the Keto diet through the lens of science. The high protein, low carb, weight loss yielding "Keto diet" is trending with celebs, health influencers, and a lot of other folks around the nation. This obviously begs the question: How does the Keto diet work?

  • Question Your World: Is beauty sleep real?

    Did you get your beauty sleep last night? Yes, I’m talking about that old wives’ tale about getting enough sleep and staying beautiful. While beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, a recent study kind of backs up some of the physical benefits associated with regularly getting a good night’s sleep. Is beauty sleep real?