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  • Question Your World: How long has humanity been visiting relatives?

    Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season here in the United States. This last chunk of the year is commonly known for lots of food, presents, and traveling long distances to visit family. Humanity has been doing this for quite some time though. Let’s use this upcoming holiday to dig into a great science question: How long has humanity been visiting relatives?

  • Question Your World: Who Used the First Hashtag?

    Humanity, as we know it, has been using the hashtag on social media for about 11 years now, but how long has the symbol really been used? A recent study answered today’s big question: Who used the first hashtag?

  • Question Your World: Did ancient humans have modern dental issues?

    Behind the lips of each and every one of us is a beautiful smile, right? Our teeth have been very valuable to us as a species. Scientists studying ancient human fossils started to notice some interesting things about our teeth through the ages. The big question is - did ancient humans have modern dental issues?

  • Women Inspiring Women

    Where were you on June 18, 1983? Perhaps it doesn’t stick out as a pivotal moment for you, but the activities that day changed the course of history by expanding the perception of what females could and couldn’t do in the universe.

  • Question Your World: What can dino dandruff teach us?

    People love dinosaurs! The most recent dino discovery has enabled experts to better understand the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds. This is not your standard dinosaur bone discovery, but it certainly is head and shoulders above the rest. Dino dandruff is now helping us see some pretty important similarities between these terrible lizards and birds.