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  • Question Your World: Is there life out there?

    Are we alone in the universe? A pretty huge age-old question that science has been piecing together bit by bit over the years. Smart men and women are working toward this answer every single day using a myriad of approaches. Does this mean we're getting closer to answering - is there life out there?

  • Question Your World: Why does old fungi matter?

    Let’s talk about fungus folks! We're not talking about some fungus that popped up after a rain - we're talking about some really, really old fungus fossil remains. This brings up the next big thought - why does old fungi matter?

  • Question Your World: Have you seen the black panther?

    For the last few months, Marvel’s Black Panther has been getting a lot of Oscar buzz. Meanwhile in Kenya, a real life black panther has been making some big news headlines as well. What a timely opportunity to ask today’s big question: Have you seen the black panther?

  • Question Your World: How is AI discovering extinct human relatives?

    Over centuries, thanks to advances in science and technology, we have been piecing together the story of our own human evolution. The twists and turns in the story of our origins have made headlines for quite a while now, but when brand new technology is involved, the discoveries become even more remarkable! How is AI discovering extinct human relatives?

  • Question Your World: Is humanity using too much light?

    Earth from space is a beautiful sight. We can not only see pretty patterns created by our lights on the dark side of the planet, but over time we've also seen the amount of these lights on Earth grow. As of now, more people means more lights. A great opportunity to dig into today's big question: Is humanity using too much light?